Venezuela: A Country in Chaos

Venezuela: A Country in Chaos

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Written by Brecken Denler


Venezuela holds the world’s largest proven oil reserves,[i] and the state has relied on oil revenue for the provision of government services.  This system, established by former President Hugo Chavez, was mostly stable until after his death and the ascension of his successor, Nicolas Maduro.  Political and economic troubles confronted the Maduro government in February of 2014.[ii]  Since these protests shortages, inflation, questionable elections, and mass emigration have plagued Venezuela.  The government has attempted to correct, only worsening the situation.

Politics: Political problems for the current government are varied.  Protests have continued widely in Venezuela since 2014 as a result of food shortages and economic problems.  Opposition leaders and politicians have been jailed and abused.[iii] Maduro has usurped the constitutional legislature with a pro-government “Constituent Assembly.”[iv]  Prominent opposition leaders were barred from running in the most recent election of May 20, 2018[v] which was undemocratic and staged.[vi]  The Organization of American States, as well as many Latin American countries individually, has called out Venezuela for corrupt electoral procedure and abuse of the Venezuelan Constitution.[vii]  The problems shown above are worsening as the overall economic situation deteriorates.

Inflation: Venezuela has since 2015 logged rates of inflation in its currency the Bolivar above 100% annualized.  This year that rate is reported at 13,860%.[viii]  The IMF has rumored an annualized rate for this coming year of over 1,000,000%.[ix]  The overall rate is difficult to track due to government efforts hiding real inflation rates and the impact on the overall economy.[x]  Using the Dollar is dangerous as the government tries to stamp out trading in foreign currencies that hold value.[xi]  Bloomberg has created the now notorious “Café con Leche Index”[xii] to show the real cost of inflation on the consumer.  Holding wealth in Venezuela, as in any hyperinflation state is tremendously difficult.  Wages are difficult to set, bartering is rampant, and food and other necessities are scarce and outlandishly expensive.[xiii]  President Maduro’s economic “magic formula” is failing to turn the tide.[xiv]

Emigration: Venezuela is facing a mass-exodus of its population.  Some analysis claims over 4 million Venezuelans, or over 13% of the country’s 30 million inhabitants, have gone elsewhere.[xv]  This only furthers the overall basic services problems the country is seeing.  OEA states have stepped in to host the economic refugees.[xvi]  The number of Venezuelans fleeing the country increases daily as inflation and supply of basic goods and services deteriorate.

Venezuela is approaching failed state status.  As more citizens flee, the currency deteriorates, and the government becomes less popular, the increasingly probable alternative was proposed by Colombia’s President Ivan Duque: “regime change.”[xvii]

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