Huawei and Russia: A Strategic Partnership

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In recent months, Russia has been working with Chinese tech company Huawei to bolster its economy and infrastructure. Huawei has been able to leverage its joint venture with Russia to bolster their research and company goals. Huawei’s and Russia’s partnership is mutually beneficial, as Russia does not currently have a…

Syria Update October 2013

As the United States embraces a plan to get rid of all chemical weapons in Syria, the Syrian rebels are reorganizing themselves into Islamic coalitions that are independent of the US-backed Syrian National Coalition and are in opposition to an ascendant al-Qaeda. This reorganization represents a significant loss of US influence among the rebels, their willingness to adopt a hard-core Islamist character, and the probability of internal fighting between al-Qaeda and the other Sunni rebels in Syria.

At a Crossroads with Mexico

The U.S.-Mexican relationship is at an important crossroads. Congress is debating the issue of immigration reform. New developments in the war on drugs have prompted questions about cooperation with Mexico. President Peña Nieto has adopted a plan for reform that provides the United States an opportunity to support its southern neighbor and solidify relations. At the same time, however, China is busy spreading its own influence in Mexico.