America and Iran Enter a New Phase of Outright Aggression

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Author: Jordin Annett For the past few decades, Iran and the United States have been locked in a political dance in which both states attempted to control the domestic, regional, and international politics of the Middle East. From the US using its allies to implement strong-arm tactics, like sanctions against…

How Jordan Fits Into American Foreign Policy

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Jordan is a critical part of the United States’ strategy to limit unpredictable economic and political unrest in the Middle East, to maintain Israel’s security, and to counter terrorism in the region. In the eyes of America, Jordan’s primary role is to serve as a stable buffer between Israel and hostile forces and to maintain strong American economic, political, and military influence in the region.

US Options on Iran

This summer has been notably characterized by a heating up of tensions between the US and its allies, and Iran. President Trump’s hardline, “maximum pressure” approach against Tehran, which dates back to his withdrawal from the JCPOA in the spring of 2018, has been firm and constant. The US has…

ISIS in Turkey

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By Garrett Cooper Turkey and ISIS have long been at odds and exchanged both rhetoric and firepower indicating such. Turkey claims to have been the first country that designated ISIS as a terrorist organization, and more than any other European country Turkey has been the target of ISIS terrorist attacks….

Syria: Ankara’s Simmering Problem

Turkey in Syria  Before the Syrian Civil War, Turkey was one of the loudest voices calling for regime change in Syria. When the fighting began, Erdoğan turned his back on any positive feelings that Bashar al-Assad and he may have still had and began supporting rebel forces (Aras 2012). Turkish…