U.N. Assessment of Islamic Extremist Terror Threats – Europe and Africa

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By Sam Jacobsen A United Nations Security Council communication released in July warned that although the incidence rate of Islamic-motivated terrorism has declined in the last months, the terror threat is still high. The Security Council noted that while ISIL no longer has any geographic holdings, its presence in Iraq…

Syria Update August 2013: Part I

Al-Qaeda branches in Syria are consolidating their holds over Sunni areas in North and East Syria. Its strategies include displacing local Sunni sheikhs by controlling governance and the economy, while ethnically cleansing Shia population centers. Further escalating tensions are Iranian media campaigns that influence Shia militias to go fight Sunni rebels in Syria.

Syrian Violence Spreads to Lebanon and Iraq

With fighting in Syria escalating, Hezbollah has openly began assisting the Syrian regime in the battle for the strategic city of Qusayr. Sunni rebel groups, including the al-Qaeda affiliated Nusra Front, are retaliating by beginning violent campaigns in Lebanon. Al-Qaeda in Iraq is attempting to capitalize on the chaos in Syria by bombing Shia population centers in Iraq. An analysis of these recent developments illustrates the short- to mid-term forecast of events in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.