Old Hands Turned New Hires – Chinese Espionage in the American Intelligence Community

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By Haley Grizzell The People’s Republic of China has been recruiting retired intelligence officers to leak classified information to the Chinese government. In just the latest part of uncovering this trend, the United States arrested Alexander Yuk Ching Ma, a former CIA officer, on August 14, 2020. In response to…

Putin’s Intentions in Eastern Ukraine

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Moscow simply will not tolerate a Ukrainian government that is not at least somewhat malleable to Russia’s interests. If Ukraine cooperates with Russia, it is certain that the eastern revolts will fade with time. If Ukraine spites its larger neighbor, the chaos will continue. By feeding the unrest, Moscow manages to keep a hook in Kiev’s mouth, allowing it to pull their victim in whatsoever direction it so chooses.

Syria Update August 2013: Part II

Syria’s political reality is changing from a unified state into a fragmented series of regions. A Sunni enclave is developing in the north and east, a regime controlled area in the west and south, and a Kurdish autonomous area in the northeast. Kurdish autonomy will help bolster Turkish influence in the region while a US-led strike against the regime will only solidify the Balkanizing process in Syria.