This is a list of some online sources available to you. This list will be updated periodically. If you have additional sources that you would like to contribute to this list, please email with the header “Add source to list.”[hr]



Danger Room

Threat Level

Small Wars Journal (blog/news roundup)

Foreign Policy (tons of channels/blogs that I’d look through)

Afpak Channel, Middle East Channel, National Security Channel

Hoffman blog, Lynch, Tom Ricks, passport, shadow govt, the call, etc, etc, etc

Real Clear World (best pieces of the day)

Real Clear Defense

Rogue Adventurer (arms proliferation)

KGS Nightwatch (analysis of big events)

The Aviationist (anything aero)

Jamestown foundation (china, Eurasia, terrorism analysis)

Rand Corporation

Via Meadia (American Interest blog)

The National Interest

Center for a New American Security

Center for Strategic & International Studies

Strategic Studies Institute

Center for Technology & National Security Policy

Aid Data (International Development)


United States

Early Bird (U.S. govt focused headlines)

U.S. energy admin. (oil/LNG info)


Latin America

Insight Crime (Latin America)

Borderland beat   (Latin America)



Johnson’s Russia List (Russia)

The Interpreter

Russia: Behind the headlines (Russia)


Middle East/Africa

The Long War Journal (my personal fav; war on terror)

Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Musings on Iraq

Brown Moses (Syria)

ME and beyond (American interest  blog)

Syria Comment (Syria blog)

Syria Deeply

The Tower (Israeli)

NOW (Lebanese)

Institute for the Study of War (military)


Combating Terrorism Center



Rhodium Group

Korea Institue (Korea)

China defense blog (china military)

North Korea Leadership Watch

38 North (NK analysis)



ARS technical

Cloudflare blog (cyber stuff)

Digital Attack Map

Atlas Threat Hub (Live Updates)

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