Chris Sharon’s Response to Sunken Treasure: Somali Pirates Costing us all

Chris Sharon’s Response to Sunken Treasure: Somali Pirates Costing us all

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Written by: Chris Sharon on 07/21/2012
(see original article: Sunken Treasure: Somali Pirates Costing us all)
I applaud the article written regarding Somalia and the pirates that hold the country hostage from progress.

Having served in the Marine Corps during the time Operation Restore Hope was executed, I can speak firsthand regarding the turmoil within the country. Ironically, at the Marine Officer Basic School in 1989, Fox Company, I served with two Somali officers. I found the officers to be quiet and ignorant of basic officer skills. I point this out because I feel as though the country of Somalia is without leadership and direction.

The task of providing aid to this country is a daunting one and would require a constant vigilance. The United States had an embassy in Somalia until 1991. Why did we cease operations? What does it take to maintain a government in the country?

Leadership and security are answers to this question. What is the cost? Lives and many billions would be poured into this land that is full of good people. Can we put money into this nation that is unwilling to fight for right and freedom? The Somali people seem to me to be tribal and very uneducated. That is not to say they don’t have the potential to rise. I, however, do not see this desire to rise, but instead they are concerned with only their own survival.

I have seen violence and disregard for life umongst Somali people that causes me to believe they are not a culture of faith. The particular Muslim culture they breed does not allow for growth of the individual. Can we as a nation help a culture that only wants power for a specific tribe?

These cultures need help, but they have to want to build and progress. We can help them by outlawing dumping waste. Who can monitor this? Pirates must be arrested and held accountable. Put them in jail in Quantanimo or dispatch them on site. The pirates are less than courageous if they will not develop a government that will support them. The Somali people must rise, and we can support along with other nations. Pirates must be told they will be dealt with harshly, so go back to fishing. Dumping waste will be dealth with harshly, so dump it on your own waters.

Finances will be provided once the world is allowed to build a fortress within the country (it will require mass and force). This is nation-building as the British did.

Great story, and I wish the writer continued success.

Note I was with the 1st Battalion 7th Marines and landed in Soamlia with the 2nd wave of Marines. I was in Bardera, and finished in Mogidishu.

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