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BNPP Threat Level Assessment and Options

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By: Caitlin Stock Context The Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) was Iran’s first commercial nuclear reactor that was first constructed in 1994.  The BNPP lies 12 kilometers outside the small fishing village Bushehr on the southern Gulf coast of Iran.  After the plant’s completion in 2012, the 1000-megawatt plant was…

America, Syria, and the Kurds

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Written by Caitlin Stock Last month, President Trump announced plans to relocate American troops from the Northern Syrian/Southern Turkish border. Since the withdrawal, Turkey has launched several ground attacks on the border of northern Syria, which is part of the area known internationally as Kurdistan.  The attacks are part of…

Saudi Nuclear Ambitions

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American energy companies have quietly made deals with Saudi Arabian energy officials to begin trading information on nuclear energy. The United States and Saudi Arabia see nuclear development as a very symbiotic and lucrative deal. However, politicians and energy officials fear that a nuclear arms race will develop between Iran and SA.

The Threat and Death of Hamza bin-Laden

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Introduction Recent reports announced the death of Hamza bin Laden (HBL), the youngest son of Osama bin Laden and the heir apparent of the infamous terrorist group al-Qaeda. According to some media channels, he was killed within the first two years of the Trump administration.[1] Details about his death, including…

US-Iran Relations

US-Iran relations have grown increasingly troubled since the election of President Trump. Given the recent rhetoric from the current administration, some worry about the possibility of conventional armed conflict between the two states. Military maneuvers on both sides have postured the two nations for conflict despite some congressional efforts to…