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Security Consequences of U.S. Political Extremism

July 9, 2012

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From icPurple.org

The recent debate over the Affordable Care Act, known to critics as Obamacare, highlights the growing divide in U.S. politics and the political culture that idolizes politicians with a ‘no-compromises’ stance.  This was made abundantly clear through the fight over the constitutionality of the healthcare law as well as the recent Republican presidential primaries where Mitt Romney […]

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Balancing in Asia: Against China or Ourselves?

May 4, 2012

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The Obama administration’s “pivot” to Asia has received much attention lately among policy analysts. An article from the Council on Foreign Relations concisely summarizes the main points of the new strategic focus on Asia as a natural result of shifting U.S. attention away from Iraq and Afghanistan and stemming from a desire to hedge against a […]

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String of Pearls

March 28, 2012

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Over the past ten years, China’s greatest friends have been the war in Afghanistan, the great recession, and Kim Kardashian. China has taken advantage of American media’s preoccupancy with topics like these and quietly positioned itself to be increasingly powerful, from mainland China to the Persian Gulf. Through strategic alliances and treaties, China’s “String of […]

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Declining Soft Power and the Timetable

March 22, 2012

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As the war in Afghanistan drags on for over ten years, it is no surprise that U.S. military forces, the American public, and the Afghans themselves are getting tired. While the conflicts and worries in Afghanistan are extremely complex and hard to resolve, some points are clear: the Obama administration is intent on withdrawal of […]

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Friendly as Tea Time in Iowa?

February 21, 2012

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In a context of growing international political and economic friction between China and the United States, and a domestic political climate where China-bashing has become increasingly popular for both current leaders and presidential hopefuls, the future of Sino-U.S. relations concerns observers everywhere. For China as well as the United States, domestic politics is extremely important […]

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