Turkey, Russian Arms, and a Nervous NATO

By Clayton Chudleigh Earlier this month, the Republic of Turkey defied the United States and NATO by accepting the delivery of the S-400 mobile surface-to-air missile system from Russia. The S-400 is the successor of the S-300 missile system, and compared to the U.S. Patriot missile system is capable of…

ISIS in Turkey

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By Garrett Cooper Turkey and ISIS have long been at odds and exchanged both rhetoric and firepower indicating such. Turkey claims to have been the first country that designated ISIS as a terrorist organization, and more than any other European country Turkey has been the target of ISIS terrorist attacks….

Syria: Ankara’s Simmering Problem

Turkey in Syria  Before the Syrian Civil War, Turkey was one of the loudest voices calling for regime change in Syria. When the fighting began, Erdoğan turned his back on any positive feelings that Bashar al-Assad and he may have still had and began supporting rebel forces (Aras 2012). Turkish…

Hanging by a Thread: US-Turkey Relations

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By Garrett Cooper Until recently, the relationship between the United States and Turkey has been stable. Lately however, Turkey has been taking actions contrary to those that would uphold strong relations with the US. This recent unnerving trend has increased tensions between the two countries and tightened Turkish ties to…

Syria Update August 2013: Part II

Syria’s political reality is changing from a unified state into a fragmented series of regions. A Sunni enclave is developing in the north and east, a regime controlled area in the west and south, and a Kurdish autonomous area in the northeast. Kurdish autonomy will help bolster Turkish influence in the region while a US-led strike against the regime will only solidify the Balkanizing process in Syria.