The International Response to the Attack on Saudi Arabia

n the coming weeks and months, the choices of European powers will greatly impact the future of the Iran-United States standoff. Iran risks alienating the Europeans if it continues to respond militarily in the face of American sanctions, but it also may encourage negotiations on its own terms if its pushback is successful. It remains to be seen how well France, Germany and the UK will balance the demands of their longtime American ally and the benefits of a new relationship with Iran.

Saudi Nuclear Ambitions

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American energy companies have quietly made deals with Saudi Arabian energy officials to begin trading information on nuclear energy. The United States and Saudi Arabia see nuclear development as a very symbiotic and lucrative deal. However, politicians and energy officials fear that a nuclear arms race will develop between Iran and SA.

US-Iran Relations

US-Iran relations have grown increasingly troubled since the election of President Trump. Given the recent rhetoric from the current administration, some worry about the possibility of conventional armed conflict between the two states. Military maneuvers on both sides have postured the two nations for conflict despite some congressional efforts to…

US Options on Iran

This summer has been notably characterized by a heating up of tensions between the US and its allies, and Iran. President Trump’s hardline, “maximum pressure” approach against Tehran, which dates back to his withdrawal from the JCPOA in the spring of 2018, has been firm and constant. The US has…

Why Sudan Needs an Agreement Before Regional Powers Settle In

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By Riley Madrian The constant tumult in Sudan is keeping the international community on its toes. After months of protesting and violence, the military overthrew President Omar al-Bashir in April of this year and established a transitional military council. The TMC declared there would be a two-year transitional period after…