Russia and Belarus Relations: Where Are We Now?

By Clayton Chudleigh With talks currently in place between the two countries in preparation for further integration, it is important to understand how both Russia and Belarus got to this point in their somewhat strained relationship. Looking at the two countries from a westerner’s perspective, one might think that the…

Kremlin Retaliates Against Goergia Protests

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By Marren Haneberg Thousands of protesters took to the streets after Russian lawmaker Sergei Gavrilov, deputy of the Russian State Duma, sat in the Georgian parliamentary speaker’s seat and addressed the audience in Russian. Gavrilov was there as president of the Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy (IAO), “a body set up…

Putin’s alleged role in the US presidential elections

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By Jeff Bates      Putin proved a major influencer in the US presidential election in 2016. Russian influence on the election first appeared four years before the actual election, when two Russians, working for the Internet Research Agency, acquired knowledge about US social media to help provide information to the…

Putin’s Intentions in Eastern Ukraine

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Moscow simply will not tolerate a Ukrainian government that is not at least somewhat malleable to Russia’s interests. If Ukraine cooperates with Russia, it is certain that the eastern revolts will fade with time. If Ukraine spites its larger neighbor, the chaos will continue. By feeding the unrest, Moscow manages to keep a hook in Kiev’s mouth, allowing it to pull their victim in whatsoever direction it so chooses.