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Venezuela Revisited: A Crisis of Leadership

February 28, 2014

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Venezuela faces a severe crisis of leadership. The economy is in a tailspin with inflation rates around 50 percent, crime rates are at record highs, and protests are sweeping the nation. But a discontented majority party and fractured opposition have little trust in their leaders. What does the future hold for Venezuela, and should the United States play a part in the unfolding events?

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Reacting to Egypt’s Crisis

July 12, 2013


Recent events in Egypt highlight the need for increased attention on the flourishing (floundering?) Arab Spring. For where viable opportunities for democratic governance once flourished, an age old balance between religion and secularism is threatening the fragile democratic processes and institutions of these newly democratic nations. The U.S. can work with the current situation in order to help both our international image, as well as the struggling Arab states.

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Against Reductionism

March 14, 2012

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Recently there has been a deluge of calls for action to topple the Al-Assad regime in Syria in order to stop its bloody crackdown against the opposition movement. Many ideas have been thrown out into the open, the most prominent of which center around an air campaign, using a harsh set of sanctions against the […]

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