Praemon Staff Message: Change in Leadership

April 23, 2014 --

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We would like to formally announce that Praemon’s leadership is changing. Changes in Praemon’s leadership occur periodically as it is staffed solely by students enrolled at Brigham Young University. The current president, Mike Godfrey, will be replaced by the current vice president, Michael Fields. Mike Godfrey will graduate this week with a Bachelor of Arts […]

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2014 Annual Threat Report

March 11, 2014 --

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Praemon is proud to release the 2014 Annual Threat Report. This collaborative project constitutes dozens of hours of research and analysis on various national security threats. The analyses included in the Annual Threat Report cover some of the most pressing threats to U.S. national security over the next year.

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Venezuela Revisited: A Crisis of Leadership

February 28, 2014 --

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Venezuela faces a severe crisis of leadership. The economy is in a tailspin with inflation rates around 50 percent, crime rates are at record highs, and protests are sweeping the nation. But a discontented majority party and fractured opposition have little trust in their leaders. What does the future hold for Venezuela, and should the United States play a part in the unfolding events?

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China’s Economic Woes

January 7, 2014 --

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Since the formation of the Chinese Communist party, the world has watched China evolve into the world power it is today. However, the rise in Chinese foreign investments indicates a weakening homeland where Chinese billionaires do not want to store their capital. Consequently, China is playing a deceiving game of economic protectionism masked by a rise in soft power. The fact that both the Chinese state and private sectors are seeking to move significant amounts of capital overseas as opposed to investing at home, however, is a reflection of perceptions of the condition of the domestic economy.

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Sudan: Abyei’s Independence Referendum

December 24, 2013 --

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Since South Sudan voted for independence in 2011, tensions with Sudan have been exceptionally high, particularly in relation to the geographical alignment of Abyei, a small region on the North-South Border. After the Ngok Dinka held a unilateral referendum in October 2013 to push Abyei into the South, ethnic violence and disagreements over oil exports may threaten to destabilize the region making Abyei a critical security concern for the international community.

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