Lacking a Vaccine? The Rising Threat of Cyber Attacks

July 11, 2012 --

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On July 9th, the FBI shut down the servers of the DNSChanger Network. While many attempts were made by the FBI and ISPs to inform people how to check their computers for infection, it was conservatively estimated that around 250,000 people would lose the ability to connect to the internet when the servers were finally […]

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Security Consequences of U.S. Political Extremism

July 9, 2012 --

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The recent debate over the Affordable Care Act, known to critics as Obamacare, highlights the growing divide in U.S. politics and the political culture that idolizes politicians with a ‘no-compromises’ stance.  This was made abundantly clear through the fight over the constitutionality of the healthcare law as well as the recent Republican presidential primaries where Mitt Romney […]

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A South Asian Power Play

July 5, 2012 --

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The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh with the President of Afghanistan, Mr. Hamid Karzai, in New Delhi on April 10, 2006.

Pakistan has been gambling for a long time with its use of militants as a strategic edge over India. The Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI) created and utilized different groups that we generally label as “Taliban” in order to counter Indian power in the region. This has been a several decade-long endeavor but is now […]

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Confronting Terrorism in Africa

June 27, 2012 --

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Areas of Control Map - Somalia

Recently, U.S. officials in Kenya warned of an imminent threat of a terrorist attack in Mombasa, Kenya. A day later, a hand grenade was thrown into a bar in Mombasa, killing three people. As America’s attention slowly shifts away from Afghanistan over the next few years, there is growing reason to increase American influence in […]

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The Scarborough Shoal

June 14, 2012 --

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Over the past few months, China and the Philippines have been in a tense maritime quarrel over a controversial piece of land known as the Scarborough Shoal. The shoal is located just 124 nautical miles off the coast of the Philippines’ largest island, Luzon. Despite the shoal lying within the Philippines’ 200-mile exclusive economic zone, […]

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