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Addressing Drug War Migration Patterns

March 20, 2012

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When thinking security threats in Latin America, one has to think about the bloody war on drugs raging in Mexico. Although Mexico is currently the battle arena of the war on drugs, Colombia previously held that position.  At the time, the United States and Colombia worked together militarily to combat this threat.  Their efforts resulted […]

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Against Reductionism

March 14, 2012

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Recently there has been a deluge of calls for action to topple the Al-Assad regime in Syria in order to stop its bloody crackdown against the opposition movement. Many ideas have been thrown out into the open, the most prominent of which center around an air campaign, using a harsh set of sanctions against the […]

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Israel’s Next Step

March 5, 2012

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Next Monday the Prime Minister of Israel will arrive in Washington, D.C. for an important security meeting with the President of the United States, Barack Obama. The focus of the meeting will be the ever-rising threat of a nuclear Iran. According to Israeli newspapers, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will request that the U.S. deliver an […]

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America, Our Own Worst Enemy?

February 27, 2012

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Last week two American members of the NATO Coalition army burned copies of Muslim’s most holy book, the Qur’an, in a NATO camp 1. Afghan soldiers working in the camp witnessed the event and immediately responded with rage. Within a day from the time they extinguished the fire, over 2000 furious Afghanis arrived at the […]

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Nuclear Reduction Considered

February 21, 2012

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According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the White House and Pentagon are considering several plans to reduce its nuclear stockpile. The plans have not been presented to President Obama yet, but he will in the near future. The United States is currently under treaty obligations that require it to reduce the nuclear stockpile […]

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