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The Delicate State of Affairs in Syria

On November 3, 2018, Posted by , In Information Reports,Middle East,Syria, With Comments Off on The Delicate State of Affairs in Syria

Written by Steven Tibbitts Syria is an incredibly strategic theater for the United States and the international community, but recent events threaten to create interstate conflict, disunity among US allies, and major humanitarian crises (Agence France-Presse 2018). The Syrian province of Idlib is currently experiencing an extremely uneasy truce between…

The State of American Cyber Security

American cyber security efforts have been severely restricted. Domestic political pressures like sequestration and the government shutdown have undercut U.S. cyber defenses. Foreign political pressures have also increased in the wake of the Edward Snowden incident. These pressures have left the United States more vulnerable to cyber attacks from both state and non-state actors. If these trends continue, America will face increasingly serious threats from state actors and even more serious threats from terrorist organizations.

The Iran-Al Qaeda Connection

On February 25, 2012, Posted by , In Afghanistan,Africa,Iran,Middle East,Mike Godfrey,Pakistan,Syria, By ,,,, , With Comments Off on The Iran-Al Qaeda Connection

This past week has seen Al-Qaeda rise after a period of weakening and transition. After losing a number of its leadership, most notably Osama bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki, it was thought that the organization would be further crippled until it could no longer operate effectively. However its recent actions…