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American Interests in Yemen

American interests in Yemen are currently centered around limiting Iranian influence, ensuring safe oil transit, and maintaining the security of Saudi Arabia. Secondary interests include counterterrorism, human rights, and overall stability in the Middle East. A brief look at the history of US-Yemeni relations will show how these interests have…

The Taliban’s end Game and the US Exit from Afghanistan

On April 2, 2019, Posted by , In Afghanistan,Analysis Reports,Middle East,Taliban, By , With Comments Off on The Taliban’s end Game and the US Exit from Afghanistan

By Jeff Bates The endgame for the Taliban is relatively straightforward. They have two main objectives and are determined to meet them. Their two objectives are to get all foreign troops out of the country and to implement Sharia law throughout all of Afghanistan. They will continue to wage terror…

ISIS Affiliates

On March 26, 2019, Posted by , In Afghanistan,Egypt,Information Reports,ISIS,Libya,Pakistan,Philippines,Russia,Saudi Arabia,Yemen, With Comments Off on ISIS Affiliates

Written by Kailey Nordgran             ISIS affiliates flourish in regions plagued by weak governance, porous borders, and inept security force (Intel Brief, 2019). Affiliates are geographically dispersed and vary in capability; some are akin to terrorist groups, while others behave like insurgent groups (Intel Brief, 2019).             Since the 2011…

Implications of ISIS’ Social Media

On March 23, 2019, Posted by , In ISIS,Middle East, With Comments Off on Implications of ISIS’ Social Media

Written by Kailey Nordgran The Islamic State’s use of social media has evolved over the past few years to attract more members. ISIS quickly built a brand on social media with tens of thousands of followers (DiResta, 2018). The organization’s strategic use of social media demonstrates the resourcefulness of the…

What is Russia Really Doing in Syria?

On March 2, 2019, Posted by , In Information Reports,ISIS,Russia,Syria, With Comments Off on What is Russia Really Doing in Syria?

Written by Marren Haneberg Russia is a longtime ally of Syria, with relations dating back to the 1970s Soviet Union (Rahman-Jones). In 2015, Russia began supporting the Assad regime with weapons, air support, and ground troops. While Russian President Vladimir Putin claims the goal of Russia’s action in Syria is…