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The Iran-Al Qaeda Connection

February 25, 2012

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This past week has seen Al-Qaeda rise after a period of weakening and transition. After losing a number of its leadership, most notably Osama bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki, it was thought that the organization would be further crippled until it could no longer operate effectively. However its recent actions in Iraq, Somalia, and possibly […]

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Winning Hearts and Minds…and (hopefully) the whole war too.

February 13, 2012

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The future of the War in Afghanistan became more complex on 1 February when Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced that the U.S. would end its combat role early by summer 2013. This significant development means that the counter-insurgency campaign that NATO is fighting will rely heavily on Afghan National Forces to control Afghan territory. The […]

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A Model for Success

February 9, 2012

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On February 2nd, 2012, spokesman for the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Col. Marcelo Burgos, announced that due to an evening air strike, several leaders of the Abu Sayyaf terrorist group had been killed. This group has been the cause of fear and disturbance in the southern islands of the Philippines for almost 30 years. […]

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