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The Organization and History of Pakistan’s Military

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The Pakistan Armed Forces were created from the British Indian Army in 1947 (Heathcote 1995, 253). They are comprised of the Army, Navy, and Airforce and are led by Zubair Mahmood Hayat, who currently serves as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (Shaikh 2016; Blood 1996, 287-288). This…

Pakistan’s Government: A Brief Profile

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By Maria Cano Government of Pakistan: Information Report             In 2013, Pakistan saw its first peaceful democratic transition of power.[1] The country has seen multiple changes in government since gaining its independence in 1947. Its first constitution, passed in 1956, was suspended only two years later by Ayub Khan.[2] In…

Afghanistan’s Government: A Brief Profile

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By Kailey Nordgran The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, also known as Afghanistan, is located in South Central Asia. The government of Afghanistan consists of the President, council of ministers, provincial governors and the national assembly. According to the 2004 constitution, “Afghanistan shall be an Islamic Republic, independent, unitary and indivisible…

The Taliban’s end Game and the US Exit from Afghanistan

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By Jeff Bates The endgame for the Taliban is relatively straightforward. They have two main objectives and are determined to meet them. Their two objectives are to get all foreign troops out of the country and to implement Sharia law throughout all of Afghanistan. They will continue to wage terror…

ISIS Affiliates

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Written by Kailey Nordgran             ISIS affiliates flourish in regions plagued by weak governance, porous borders, and inept security force (Intel Brief, 2019). Affiliates are geographically dispersed and vary in capability; some are akin to terrorist groups, while others behave like insurgent groups (Intel Brief, 2019).             Since the 2011…