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Indian Fire: The AGNI V

April 26, 2012

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From the Wall Street Journal

Amid the lack of discussion about the magnitude of nuclear bombs themselves, India has opted to diversify and improve its nuclear delivery systems.  Last week, in accordance with that goal, India successfully launched the AGNI V, a missile with the capability to send a nuclear warhead nearly 5,000 kilometers, or about 3,100 miles.    As […]

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Rewards for Democracy

April 6, 2012

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Burma’s by-elections on April 1st offers a glimmer of hope for a country that has been under military rule for decades. Although the military-backed Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) still controls a heavy majority of total seats in Burma’s parliament, 43 of the 45 seats contested were captured by the  National League for Democracy (NLD), […]

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String of Pearls

March 28, 2012

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Over the past ten years, China’s greatest friends have been the war in Afghanistan, the great recession, and Kim Kardashian. China has taken advantage of American media’s preoccupancy with topics like these and quietly positioned itself to be increasingly powerful, from mainland China to the Persian Gulf. Through strategic alliances and treaties, China’s “String of […]

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Friendly as Tea Time in Iowa?

February 21, 2012

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In a context of growing international political and economic friction between China and the United States, and a domestic political climate where China-bashing has become increasingly popular for both current leaders and presidential hopefuls, the future of Sino-U.S. relations concerns observers everywhere. For China as well as the United States, domestic politics is extremely important […]

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Condoning Massacre or Defending Sovereignty? The Security Council Deadlock over Syria

February 14, 2012

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  Thousands of Syrian citizens have been killed by their own army as violence racks the Syrian uprising against dictatorial leader Bashar al-Assad. The Arab Spring reached Syria later than it did many Middle Eastern countries, but now its effects are blooming in full. Unfortunately, what started as a peaceful protest for political freedom has […]

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