Annual Threat Report 2013


Praemon is proud to release this, the first Annual Threat Report. In addition to each student contributor’s regular pieces on varying national security issues, the Annual Threat Report (ATR) is a large-scale, collaborative analysis project.

The purpose of the ATR is to identify the handful of threats that we, the members of Praemon, consider to be the most pressing tangible threats to U.S. national security over the next two years, and offer analysis and forecasting regarding those issues. As always, we strive to answer three basic analytical questions: What is truly happening? What do we anticipate will soon happen? and How should the U.S. respond to best serve national security?

ATR 2013 PDF

or view the content directly, by following the links below:


1. North African Militancy – by Michael Godfrey

2. Iran – by Troy Tessem

3. The U.S.-Israeli Alliance: More Than Friends – by William Snider

4. North Korea’s Game Changer – by Blake Day

5. Russia’s Trade in Weapons and Energy – by Sydney Outzen

6. Mexican Drug War: The Devil in Our Backyard – by Cody Knudsen

7. Cybersecurity – by Dallin McKinnon

Will Snider

Will is an International Relations major at Brigham Young University. He has 9 years of experience in the analysis field, and has traveled to South America, the Middle East, and East Asia in that capacity. As the creator of Praemon, Will has organized this project and invited the following students to contribute their expertise as well.

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