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What is Praemon?

[“prā-e-mŭn”: from Latin for premonition, forewarning, or intuition]

U.S. national security depends on the timely accuracy of skilled analysts. They are the link between intelligence and policy. America has a continuing need for the brightest minds and most innovative thinkers to turn news into action and information into decision. This ability is rare. It requires study, technical proficiency, and an intuition only developed through involvement.

Praemon is a forum for some of Brigham Young University’s most promising students of Political Science, Area Studies, Geography, History, and International Relations to acquire the skills of professional analysts. We choose student contributors who are well informed, insightful, and dedicated to national service. These are the nation’s future leaders. Praemon offers you their analyses, forecasts, and policy suggestions regarding issues of U.S. national security.

Analysts at Praemon regularly contribute in-depth, objective analyses that examine current geopolitical issues that have direct effects on U.S. national security. The Praemon team analyzes open-source material by employing the most effective techniques in use by intelligence and security professionals. By analyzing current connections, examining historical trends, and looking at the constraints on geopolitical actors, the Praemon team is able to make realistic and accurate situation forecasts. Objective analyses and accurate forecasts help our analysts identify what policy makers need in order to protect U.S. national security.