The Blacklisting of Masood Azhar and its Impact on Relations in Asia

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By: Maria Cano “Indian Muslims hold a scratched photo of Jaish-e-Mohammad group chief, Masood Azhar, who was added to a UN sanctions list on Wednesday” (Gupta 2019)             On May 1, 2019, the United Nations Security Council placed Masood Azhar on its sanctions list for his leadership of Jaish-e-Mohammed, a…

ISIS In the Philippines (Part I)

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By: Jeff Bates Image of the church that was bombed on Mindanao.  (Holcombe, Madeline; Simonette, Virma. 2019). After nearly five years, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has essentially been defeated.  Despite this, many parts of the world have extremist groups that have pledged allegiance to ISIS.  The…

The Rise, Fall, and Future of ISIS

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Written by Steven Tibbitts             The United States faces an enduring and potent threat from the Islamic State (ISIS hereafter) terrorist group. Any decrease in efforts to dismantle both the group and its ideology worldwide is likely to grant the group the minimal operational space and security it needs to…

Ire in Ireland

Mercenaries in the Saudi-led Coalition

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The Yemeni Civil War, which started as a conflict between President Abdrabbuh Munsar Hadi’s government and Houthi revolutionaries, has become a magnet for external actors from around the world. A Saudi-led coalition consisting of the United States, France, and other countries supports Hadi’s government, while Iran backs the Houthi rebels….