Russia’s Propaganda War on Germany

March 30, 2016 --

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Russia’s propaganda war on Germany and the West Sputnik News, a Russian, international, multimedia news agency operating out of Moscow, published an article in Germany on March 5, 2016 about a German street artist in Dortmund who was forced to take down a painting that was considered “insensitive” to the ethnic groups in the area[1]. […]

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Negotiating with Terrorists

March 3, 2015 --

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Should the U.S. Negotiate with Terrorists for the Release of Hostages? In January of 2013, the “Masked Brigade” took more than 30 hostages, many of whom were Americans, in an Algerian gas field named Ain Amenas. They demanded the release of Sheikh Omar Abel-Rahman, also known as the “Blind Sheik” (Burke 2013). This incident underlined […]

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People to Watch: Standing Premier of the People’s Republic of China – Li Keqiang

January 29, 2015 --

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As the US continues its pivot toward Asia, it must work with and alongside China. Given the information we know about Li Keqiang, we can infer party decisions for programs and departments that are within his sphere of influence. Li Keqiang holds powerful positions in both the state and party bodies allowing his disposition to help shape the future of China.

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The Hegemon and the Forgotten Continent: East Africa

January 3, 2015 --

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East Africa is a hotbed of political and economic activity in sub-Saharan Africa. It has been a major recipient of aid from the United States, both military and economic, and has also served as an important area for U.S. trade. If the United States can focus its efforts on education, political cooperation, and investment in the area, some of these countries may become its strongest allies.

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The Cost of WikiLeaks

October 14, 2014 --

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Although WikiLeaks purports to merely reveal information for the public’s benefit, further analysis shows that its intentions are not quite that simple. Its revelations help the public very little, if at all, and many of their disclosures risk much more than they offer to the public. Though there has yet to be measurable proof of extreme damage to national security from WikiLeaks, this organization poses considerable danger to national security.

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